Big Red

Bloody Mary

Start your tailgate day off right by mixing yourself a simple, yet delicious bloody mary.

Must-Have Ingredients


Ready In:

5 minutes

About this recipe

Who doesn’t love a recipe that is easy and delicious? Once you have your ingredients it’s time to become a mixologist (what a fancy name you can dub yourself). To start, fill your drinking cup with ice, pour in a shot or two of vodka. We prefer Nebraska’s very own Sideshow Vodka that is distilled in Lincoln. Next, top your drink off with your bloody mary mix. Now comes the fun part, garnishing your drink. When it comes to bloody mary’s there are no rules as to what can serve as a garnish, so have fun and pick your favorite things. We opted for a stick of jerky to act as a stir stick as well, and let’s face it, on game day who couldn’t use a little extra food?!

PRO TIP: Have someone who loves pickles? Pick up a pickle vodka shooter to add to their bloody mary drink!

  • 3 part bloody mary mix
  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 stick of jerky
  • 24oz tumbler
  • Garnishes as desired

Step 1

Fill your cup with ice.

Step 2

Pour 1 – 2 shots of vodka over the ice. 

Step 3

Top off glass with bloody mary mix. 

Step 4

Garnish time! Anything goes, we prefer to use a stick of jerky to act as a stir stick. 

Step 5

Serve, drink, and enjoy!