Cinnamon Roll Delight

Taste the warmth of the holidays and delight your taste buds by mixing yourself a simple, yet delicious Cinnamon Roll drink.

Cinnamon Roll Delight Mix Drink Feature Fatdogs

Must-Have Ingredients


Ready In:

2+ minutes

About this recipe

Who doesn’t love a recipe that is easy and delicious? Once you have your ingredients it’s time to become a mixologist (what a fancy name you can dub yourself). To start, fill your drinking cup with ice, pour in a shot or two of cinnamon whiskey. We prefer Nebraska’s very own Lazy RW Distillery out of Moorefield, Nebraska. Next, top your drink off with cream soda. Again, we a partial to our Fat Dogs Cream Soda – yum! Now you can choose to drink as is, or have a little fun and add  garnishes to your drink. We suggest sprinkling the top with a little cinnamon and sugar and could even add a cinnamon sugar mini donut to the rim. And if you are drinking this Cinnamon Roll Delight then it’s safe to assume this donut garnish will be a big hit!

PRO TIP: Want to take it to go? Pick up a cinnamon whiskey shooter and add it directly to a can or bottle of cream soda, after you take a couple drinks of course. 

  • 3 part cream soda
  • 1 part cinnamon whiskey
  • 24oz tumbler
  • Garnishes as desired

Step 1

Fill your cup with ice.

Step 2

Pour 1 – 2 shots of cinnamon whiskey over the ice.

Step 3

Top off glass with cream soda.

Step 4

Garnish time! Leave as is or add a dash of cinnamon sugar to the top. You can even live on the wild side and add a little donut to the rim of the glass.

Step 5

Serve, drink, and enjoy!

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Cream Soda Cinnamon Roll Delight Drink Mix
Cinnamon Roll Delight Drink Feature

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