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      Exit 126 |100 Prospector Drive

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     (308) 532-3090 ext. 12

     Open 24 Hours

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Fill your vehicle with the fuel it deserves! At Fat Dogs Travel Centers, you can rely on our Gulf fuel team to supply you with all your needs. From Diesel, and dyed diesel to unleaded 88 and even 91 octane premium fuel, we have the fuel grade you, and your vehicle desire. It gets better, you can save money at the pump when you pay with cash or a Gulf Gift Card.

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Where you stop matters! At Fat Dogs Travel Centers and Convenience Stores we pride ourselves on clean restrooms, fresh coffee, tidy drink stations, and stocked coolers. With our friendly Nebraska staff, we are bringing you the convenience you deserve for all your road trips near or far.


Whether you’re a cross country hauler or a local trucker, we appreciate you keeping our country moving. At Fat Dogs Travel Centers, we had our truckers in mind when we installed the 5-head showers, laundromat, and oversized leather chairs next to charging outlets in our Driver’s Lounge area. With twenty-four-hour service, we truly are here to serve you.

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Fat Dogs Rewards

Let us help you save even more! When you use your Fat Dogs Rewards Card, you earn points for every purchase made in store and for every gallon at the pump. Our reward members receive exclusive offers throughout the year, just by swiping their Fat Dogs Rewards card at checkout. Points never expire and you can redeem them on nearly anything we sell. You can get what you want, when you want it. Sign up for Fat Dogs Rewards Today!


Fat Dogs Libations is a secret worth sharing! The Libation section at Fat Dogs is far more extensive than your average convenience store. Beer, wine, and spirits all at competitive pricing, providing you the libations you need for every occasion. Be sure to stop inside and see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on.

Ogallala Libation Section

what They’re Saying


Nice clean friendly people. And there’s a Mexican restaurant rite beside the truck parking. Both are awesome, will definitely be back
Ginna Alford


Pretty decent place showers are very nice and big multiple sprayers in shower. Would definitely recommend for you truck drivers to check it out. There lot is in the smaller side so it could fill up pretty quick.. Mexican restaurant next door as well as subway inside truckstop.

Clinton Fitzsimons

⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⚝

My husband lost his keys here. We didn’t notice for 50 miles. Called and they had been turned in Jen texted me a pic to confirm the were ours. And is sending them to us. Besides being a friendly, clean, and good food place. Helping us with the keys Makes it even better.
Cheryl Rioux


One of the best stops on my trip to CO. clean establishment, cheap liquor (can’t get through the drive without a little, legal amount of course), nice folk! Worth the stop!

Clayton Dryden


Gas price – You just need to be certain that you are using the pumps that offer the 88 octane. I think it’s 14 through 20? Size – good size for large RVs. No pump would’ve been an issue. I wish there were long handled squeegees for window cleaning. Parking – available across the street where most of the trucks parked and then RVs seem to park in the spots on the lot. Laundry – only $1.50 a load for each washer and dryer! Shower – Clean, hot, good pressure, multi-headed (tho not massaging), and roomy for only $10. Basket of towels and personal toiletries were a nice touch. Would be nice if there were a little shelf to set them on while using in the shower. Exhaust or fan is very much needed. Water – Water for onboard RV water tanks is available for the asking. Store – Well stocked and clean. Tyson was especially helpful and you could tell he wanted you to have a great experience! Not everyone was so.

Linda Winter