Oktober Bomb

Enjoy your next Oktoberfest Beer with a kick! So good, you’ll need to pace yourself!

Libations for Every Occasion Oktober Recipe Ingredients

Must-Have Ingredients


Ready In:

2 minutes

About this recipe

Not often can you elevate an already delicious beer into a bomb of a drink. But, here we are, doing it and sharing our dangerously good recipe.

To start, open your Oktoberfest beer and pour all of its contents into your tumbler. Now, add in a shot or two of vodka. We prefer to add vanilla vodka as it leaves a hint more flavor to your drink and if you’re a vanilla fan, then you’re gonna want to give this one a try! But why limit your options to vanilla? Caramel would be a great alternative to enrich the robust fall flavors of Oktoberfest. The next step is to stir your drink. If you find yourself without a stirring utensil, a good swirl of your drink will do the trick.

PRO TIP: Need to be on-the-go with this drink? Simply grab some flavored vodka shooters and when you’re ready to make this drink, take a drink, pour the shooter into the Oktoberfest can or bottle, give it a swirl, and poof! Time to enjoy.

  • 1 can  Oktoberfest beer 
  • 1 shot  vanilla vodka
  • 24oz  tumbler

Step 1

Open your Oktoberfest beer.

Step 2

Pour contents of beer into your tumbler.

Step 3

Pour 1 – 2 shots of flavored vodka into tumbler with beer.

Step 4

Stir together ingredients so the flavored vodka gets mixed throughout.

Step 5

Serve, drink, and enjoy!

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